Black Fawn Slipcover Collectors Series

Black Fawn Distribution’s Retro Slipcase series, which takes fan favorites from Black Fawn Films roster and adds retro video store-inspired slipcovers to collectors. Our design was heavily inspired by the various distribution companies of the 1980s and their VHS cover graphics, including some great replications of the familiar video store stickers that populated the rental […]

Mallory Johnson Surprise Party

Mallory Johnson’s debut album “Surprise Party” is a multilayered country album that blurs the lines between genres. Through Mallory’s witty and clever songwriting and catchy hooks, “Surprise Party” is an impressive album of musical and emotional range. For the album artwork, we really tried to showcase Mallory’s cross-genre style by designing key art that was […]

What You Wish For

What You Wish For is the story of Ryan, played by Nick Stahl, a chef with gambling problems who escapes to visit an old friend in a Latin American villa. Ryan assumes the identity of another man while there and inadvertently finds himself involved in a very dark underground business. For What You Wish for, […]

You’re My Hero

CBC Gem comedy series You’re My Hero, is about Ian, a 20-something with cerebral palsy, navigating the pressures of adult life in a world not designed for wheels. The main character, creator, and writer is Sean Towgood, a disabled comedian who wants to dispel the misconceptions around disability.  When approaching the design for the series, […]